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Here is some useful information that we would like you to know to help plan your trip better.

-Sat Tal birding camp is a campsite set up to give you a feeling of luxury and yet maintain the jungle setting of the Forest.The rustic look and pristine forest cover surrounding the lodge unfortunately prevents us from having wide open spaces for children to run around and play. Kids can be engaged with books on wildlife that we store in our little library or enjoy walks with the adults around the campsite

-The camp at times may face power cuts which are unavoidable.Being part of the Himalayan cover and passionate about maintaining its beauty, we avoid the use of generators to omit any input of carbondioxide by us.The camp however is well equipped with solar lights, torches and candles for emergencies. You can also bring in your own torches to complete your camping gear!!

-To keep you warm we do have hot water showers through LPG heaters which are highly effective. During peak winters, due to the cold the heating may be a little slow, but hot water will be provided in buckets.

-The campsite is part of the rugged terrain and the tents are connected to each other with a small stony path.Not much of a climb but if needed we'd be happy to help elderly guests with it.

-Water being a valuable resource and even more precious on a campsite, we try and minimise wastage as much as possible.If your bath towels need to be washed everyday, we request you to leave them in the basket or floor in the washroom, otherwise we will have them changed as per schedule. This really helps us to save water.

- The camp does not have Televisions and we are certain you wont miss it a bit as mother nature will leave you spellbound with her myriad colours.

-Lastly may we suggest you bring a small notebook along and make an entry everyday, maybe add a sketch or two of the view from your tent and check out the stars in the middle of the night - they are incredible!

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